Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Stranger in The Restaurant

I had not intended to stop for lunch on the way home from work. I had some errands to run so at the last minute I turned into the parking lot of Pizza Hut. I sat eating my meal and reading a book called the Celestine Prophecy. In the book I am at the part when the main character is told that sometimes when strangers have eye contact there might be a message to be shared. 

I finished my meal and as I stood up I looked at the couple sitting near me. The woman asked, "How do like the book. I read it year's ago."

I told her that I was was reading the book just at the right time for me even though it had been published a long time ago. She asked if I had read the next book. I said I tried to order it from the library but their copy had been lost and I would have to wait for another one to be located elsewhere.

She then pulled out her business card and said, "I have a copy that I would be happy to lend you. Just give me a call."

Not only was the entire experience a validation of what I had been reading but she also pointed me in the direction of the next book I am meant to read. I am so grateful that I paid attention to the moment being given to me and to the woman who I shall say, "stepped up to the plate," to deliver the message. I could have just walked past her and she could have ignored me. In that case, neither of us would have gained information that was of value to us both.