Monday, October 31, 2011

"The Gift That Keeps on Giving"

Posted by PicasaAs a teacher it is not unusual to have children make things and donate them to  places such as senior centers, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. We usually do not know how they received. This time, however, I know first hand how much these small gifts are appreciated.
 This darling decorated pumpkin was one of many made by students from Trinity Lutheran School and brought to the Hospice Floor. This one was displayed in Lou's hospital room. It was amazing how it became a focal point of cheer and appreciation among my family and the staff.
Today it is Halloween and this pumpkin is now at my home. It brings poignant memories of a bittersweet time in my life but also continues to bring a smile to my face and later on the the trick-or-treaters who will knock on my door.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

An Angel Brings a Message

 This unusual orb picture was taken in my bedroom after returning home from the hospital after visiting with two dear friends. One is in hospice and the other is in a critical care unit.

I placed this picture on the Diana Cooper orb site asking for more information. Diana Cooper is a well known author for books such as Enlightenment Through Orbs. This is the reply that was sent to me today.

Hi Jean,
Carol De Vasconcelos commented on your photo.
Carol wrote: "Carol for Diana - Looks like an angel orb collecting spirits that are ready for ascension. Namaste Carol"

I believe this to be confirmation for events happening in my life right now. This is another example of why orbs are so important to me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Honoring My Children

Today I would like to honor my children and all others who take active roles in caring for their parents and being their advocates. When we have our children we willingly sign up for the whole spectrum of joys and challenges of raising them.

They, on the other hand, choose how much they would like to be involved in our lives as we age. It is wonderful sharing adult relationships with our kids. I do recognize though that at times we may have to rely and depend on them for our well being.

Not every child can or will step up to that role when needed. I would like to let my two children and son-in-law know that their parents may not express often enough our gratitude and love. We do not take you for granted and we recognize the times you put your own lives on hold to help us. With love, thank you.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lou Points Out Synchronous Moment

Posted by PicasaLou was transported to a hospice unit at a different hospital in town. I can't quite describe what it felt like when he left his hospital room. Suddenly what I knew intellectually dropped down to the emotional level. He was taken over by an ambulance while Dani and I packed up his belongings in the room. Warner met us over there. When we got to the hospice unit we were directed to Lou's room. I walked in and Lou wrote on the paper to go out and look at the room number again. I did and immediately read 11 H 48. Remember this is Hospice. He was born in November of 1948. This orb picture was taken after I returned home after spending the night at the hospital. Warner, Dani, and I take turns.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Underestimate the Comfort of a Stuffed Toy

Very often we forget the importance of touch to people of all ages and circumstances. It has been exactly one week my ex-husband was admitted to the hospital with a fast growing cancer. He has spent 4 days in the ICU with a very grim prognosis. 

A family can be uncertain how to comfort a loved one going through one of the most difficult times of their lives. My children found the perfect present. They came into the hospital room one evening with this charming, funny looking, soft Yoda stuffed toy and gave it to their father. The looks on all of their faces at finding such a loving bond is something I will always remember. Within moments I noticed their dad had instinctively held and entwined his fingers with Yoda's paws. Yoda is a constant comforting companion and only leaves his side during treatments. Yoda is able to hold his hand when we can't.

Everyone who comes in the room laughs and comments on Yoda. When things are so critical and serious in a room it is amazing how this stuffed toy totally can bring smiles and joy into darkness.
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