Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a Typical Orb Looks Like and What and Orb Means to Me

I am intrigued by orbs. I can’t help it. My camera goes everywhere I go.  Orbs are spheres of light ranging from dense to translucent, mostly white, but occasionally colored that appear on digital flash photography. A typical orb is round with a defined nucleus. It has an outer edge and the middle usually has a marking such as concentric circles or a pattern. Every individual has their own interpretation or belief of what an orb is. To me, I view orbs as Angels and Spirit Guides that are evidence of guidance and support from the universal Divine.  When I see orbs in my photographs I feel like I am given the blessings of a tangible sign that there are miracles all around me. I am filled with awe every time orbs appear. I am a bit of a visionary and a life long learner. I look forward to sharing more about orbs in occasional posts. If you are on Face Book you may see many more orb pictures by going to Orbs Everywhere

I noticed another synchronous event. This was posted at 11:11 which is a significant number that many people have been paying attention to in terms of symbolic signs.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Manners-The Lesson of the Car Door

The Lesson of the Car Door
        Manners. What does that one word evoke in your mind? Yesterday, I could not give words to my thoughts but today I can. In fact it is a question more about, “Why Manners?”
        It is my belief that when manners are engaged, it is a gentle acknowledgement that I see you. If practiced, manners can become unconscious, simple acts of kindness toward anyone and most likely consciously or unconsciously lovingly received.
        This lesson or knowledge came to me in the form of a silent question, “Will he open the car door? Or “Will he not open the car door?”
        The person in question unlocked the door and walked away leaving me to open the car door. Now, I know I am perfectly able to open the door. He knows that I am perfectly able to open the door. I found, however, that I was miffed. In the few nanoseconds it would have taken to open the door, he could have conveyed a feeling of caring and respect. Instead I felt let down and unappreciated.
        As an aside, if he had unlocked the door automatically or opened it from the driver’s I would not have thought twice about opening the door.
        Do you every think about how easily it is to use manners to help someone feel good about themselves?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is true. You Should Check Out Your Name on Google Search

Have you looked up your name on a Google Search lately? More than likely you will be surprised by what you find there. Today as I was flipping through mine I found some interesting entries.
The one that most surprised me was a chapter that I had written, Childhood Delights was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul Think Positive Book, was posted on the following blog. I shall print it below but I was delighted by the date that it was posted at the top. It says March 19th, which happens to be my daughter's birthday. Some people may say, "So what?" But....if you are me, and you look for synchronicity in every aspect of your life, it is exciting. To me there are no accidents. At the moment I don't know why this unknown blog came out on that date, but for me it is a significant. I keep a book where I notate any event that relates to a synchronicity. This one will be added to the list. I love stories that relate synchronous moments. In my posts, I shall point out mine as examples of how even minor events can relate to your everyday life. 
So our human life but dies down to its root, and still puts forth its green blade to eternity. ~Henry David Thoreau My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's long after I accepted the gradual changes I saw in her. I had grown us.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orbs-A Description

Have you ever taken digitial pictures and noticed white circles on the developed photo? Did you dismiss this as a mistake? Did you think it could have been dust or water? Did you consider that it could have been something else. This something else that I am referring to is called orbs.
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