Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Don’t Go to Bed Disappointed in Myself Any More (Continuing Diabetes Series)

          Before the diabetes diagnosis it was a typical ritual. In the morning I would mentally declare my intentions to have a day of perceived normal, healthy meals. I am not hungry in the morning so that worked for the first few hours of my day.

        Around 10:00 was my break time at work. Still having a healthy resolve I would eat yogurt unless someone brought in donuts or bagels and cream cheese. Occasionally a patient would surprise the staff with fudge, homemade caramels, or cookies. I would think, “I will have the yogurt tomorrow…maybe.”

        I could eat for any reason or emotional state. I was bored. I was lonely. I was happy. I was sad. I was depressed. I discovered snacks made a fine substitute for a companion while I was reading or watching T.V.

        I would walk through the stores keeping an eye out for sales on holiday specialty candy. There was a time bagged Cadbury eggs came out only during Easter. It was a happy day when they started coming out at Christmas. M&Ms also expanded their line and I got hooked on the white chocolate ones. When they were on sale I would by at least 2 packages thinking they would last for weeks.

        At the grocery store I would always walk through the bakery department. I loved the frosting stuffed sugar cookies and the small decorated cakes.

        I ate these tasty treats almost until bed time. When I fell into bed I would scan the day. I sure did not like myself. It was shocking to realize how much I felt I let myself down. A part of me didn’t care as I felt things would never change. Given the choice, sweets would win out.

        After the diabetes diagnosis the ritual changed drastically. The day I walked out of the doctor’s office I told myself no more processed sugar. If nothing else I would not ingest cake, candy, etc. I was scared straight. I have learned to bypass candy isles and bakery sections.

        I discovered fruit tastes sweet when I am not consuming sugar. I try not to plan food more than 2 days out. I adjust my food accordingly while keeping my eye my application of the Fitness Pal to monitor carbs and calories.

        In the evening I am often pleasantly surprised to see that total counts for the day have come in under my allotted food allowance. Now when I go to bed and scan my day and feel at peace.  

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sweets Can Be the Death of Me

So many tasty cakes ...

I love frosting. My husband would ask if I would like a little cake with my frosting. I’m the one that asks for the corner outside piece of decorated sheet cakes. I am filled with dismay when at a birthday party I see the person next to me scraping the decorated sugar flowers off the cake and leaving them discarded on the plate.

The last frosting I consumed was over 3 months ago. I am a sugar addict proclaiming, “I am 90 days frosting free!”

It took a major medical diagnosis to bring around a transformation for me. I found out I am diabetic and this is a big adjustment.

It is my intention to share my reflections and experiences on this new road that I must navigate. It is my desire that my musings might be helpful to others learning to live with diabetes. To be notified of new posts just click on follow me on the right top of the page. Please feel free to share with other interested parties. (Occasionally there may be other topics in my posts.)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

An Amazing Village Designed Just For People with Dementia

When I saw this on FB I felt I had to share to share this story and information. I would like the article to reach as many people as possible.
Elder care for dementia patients often carries such a sad and depressing outlook. When I read this I thought, “Thank goodness, there is a more humane approach to this situation.”
I hope this idea takes off. My mother had Alzheimer’s and I would have definitely investigated this further if it had been available. If I should ever be in need of supervision, this is something that I would like my children to keep in mind if it should be come necessary.
I am a big advocate in discussing elder care with my children. When I wrote Shopping for Nursing Homes in the Chicken Soup Book Living with Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias, I had no idea that this would someday become another option. With the possibility of this type of care I believe more families will receive the care and compassion so anxiously sought.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is It Dust or Is It an Orb?

When discussing orbs, I often hear comments from skeptics such as, “There is dust on the camera,” or “that is a reflection.”
The other morning I was in an area that I often take orb pictures. I usually take pictures before I go to work and it is usually dark. On this particular day, I was not working and the sun was streaming through the window.
I was shaking a piece of clothing before placing it on a hangar. I saw dust floating in the sunlight. I decided it was a perfect time to experiment. I wanted to take a picture of what I knew was definitely dust.
The above picture shows a combination of dust and orbs. The little scattered white spots are dust. On the right is a beautiful colorful orb. The orb is distinctive by the basic orb properties. It is round with a defined rim. Orbs come in many colors and shapes. A classic orb is white or filled with color and has a pattern within. There is also another small orb to the left that is deeper blue.
People around the world are photographing and sharing orb pictures. It is a fascinating subject of inquiry. I leave the interpretation of orbs to the individual. I am always curious to learn more about orbs and this is one of my most recent experiments to differentiate whether the spot on my picture is dust or an orb.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Did My Dream Mean?

I awoke with from one of the scariest dreams I had ever had! Never had I encountered a dream that held one of my worst fears; loss of memory.
I am so fortunate to live a life of synchronous moments. Later that day I attended a dance meditation class and ran into my friend Virginia, who recently blogged that she does dream interpretation.  During break I asked if I could set up an appointment. She said, “Tell me the dream now.”
It turns out the symbols in my dream were not scary but really great! The dream revealed a message about a trip I had been planning and answered a question I had been contemplating about an educational opportunity.
How many times have you had dreams and wondered, “What the heck does this mean?” Below is information about Virginia and how she can help all of us sort out the symbols and messages that come unbidden, but so importantly to us in our sleep and sometimes in our daydreams.
Virginia Carlson created Deciphering Dreams to assist others in aligning the dream world with every day experiences. Dreams are a form of language that is not only unique to each of us, but also intimate. We all have choice in declining or accepting information in our dreams and determining how to utilize this information. The pathways into a deeper understanding of the self opens when the dreamer brings awareness to the dream scape where hidden desires unfold. Dream interpretation helps all of us to comprehend the message waiting to be revealed in vivid dreams from childhood, recurring dreams, and nightmares. By exploring dream time symbols, we not only discover our personal issues, but thoughts from the Universal Collective as well.
Virginia Carlson has been aware of the messages in dreams since childhood.   As a mother of four, combined with her education in Psychology and Sociology she has a solid foundation for understanding creativity of the mind. As a professional in-home counselor for individuals, families, and young children, she has been provided with a broad spectrum of hands on experience. Her passion for helping others coupled with her unique approach, have attracted the enthusiasm and support of local and distant communities. She is a Master level energy worker, prolific writer, and seasoned presenter.
Deciphering Dreams with Virginia Carlson explores day dreams; waking dreams; recurring dreams; prophetic dreams; past life recollections; universal symbols; and dreams appearing to be positively silly and preposterous. She uses her intuition as well as established public research to assist in understanding the entire spectrum of dreams. By using dream time language, desires or repressions come to the surface.  Dream interpretation is about the dreamer, based on the dreamer’s own experiences, and uniquely linking the dreamer’s body, mind and spirit.
Unraveling a dream with Virginia Carlson is a fun and exciting experience. A simple technique to unlock the dreams of the dreamer is shared with each participant through the interpretation process.
To schedule an appointment or for further information, please email contact information:decipheringdreams@yahoo.com    Additional work by Virginia Carlson may be viewed atvirginiasvoice.blogspot.com.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I Was So Touched by the Love in this Video

I was so touched by the love in this video. I find it interesting that I use the word touch, but with a different meaning, as this is the content of this video.

I just finished a Christian Pankhurst Heart Centered Life Coaching program certification. We talked about being seen, heard, and felt. This video taps into a deep place in me of longing to love so unconditionally. I  feel the depth of caring between the two women. I want to be able to see and feel the spirit inside of others; especially the ones whom are often so isolated.

The other reason I am so touched emotionally by this video, is that my mother had Alzheimer's. In the Book, Chicken Soup for the Soul Think Positive, I wrote a story called "Childhood Delights." In the story, I mention that my most treasured moment was when she was nonverbal, but when I took her to band concert, she could sing the words to every song from the big band era.

I wonder about your reaction to this video that appeared on The Godvine video site. Although the song that is sung is relgious, any song that is meaningful to someone, could possibly bring out a response. I invite you to leave a coment if this video touched you as it me.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eating "Just Right"

Posted by PicasaFor days, months, and years, I have struggled with the question, “What should I eat?”
There is such a big difference between “What I should,” versus, “What I want.” Does that happen to you?
This question was a bit easier when I was cooking for a family. Unless someone suggested a meal idea, I pretty much made what I felt like making and eating. Variety played a part in the decision and I did try to have different colored foods on the plate. That was back in the day that I served protein (meat), carbs, (potatoes, noodles, etc), and a vegetable.
Well, the family dynamic has greatly changed. Single now and having grown kids have totally altered my food habits. Now, this is not recent. I am talking about a time period of several years.
There were several years that I found it easiest to eat out. That was certainly preferable to popcorn for dinner. I decided that I should either buy groceries or eat out, but not do both.
I love eating out with friends and that is, or was, a big part of my social life. Many times I ate alone. At first, eating by myself was uncomfortable but I got over that when I discovered that reading a book was a good dinner companion.
Then awareness about food started gradually changing. I had health difficulties so I was informed of some guidelines to follow. For a while I did really well on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. That was until the day I rebelled and decided I would eat what I darn well pleased. It took a long time-like a few years to stop hurting myself in that way. Really, frosting on cake is not a food group.
About 2 years ago I became very close to a group of people who are vegetarian and vegan. Now that experience was really enlightening. It seemed like information started appearing at every turn and angle. For example, there was the health issue of meat and dairy on one side and animal rights and cruelty on the other. Once this reached a deep connection within me, the struggles became much harder of figuring out what to eat.
I am a person who does not like to cook. I used to say I did once upon a time, because I thought that was part of the job of being a good wife and mother. Well, let’s just say, “I don’t look in the cookbooks very much.”
I was beginning to ease into vegetarian foods because fortunately all I mostly had to do was make a salad and someone else made most of the dinners. That worked well until that person moved away.
I fully realize that I am accountable for what I put in mouth. The problem is that I became very lost and confused. I don’t like to cook and coming up with meals at home and restaurants became a problem. I struggled with my conscious over meat. I also found I would wait too long to eat and then, even if I did have something to prepare, I didn’t want to; I was too hungry so popcorn or ice cream became a staple.
About a month ago, I realized I was completely out of control. I had no idea of where to start anymore about eating. I was skipping meals, eating too much, or too little.
A little voice inside me whispered that I couldn’t go on like this. Then the voice got bigger and started yelling at me that I had to do something before I caused myself to encounter major health issues. (I had put on a few pounds; maybe more than a few and my exercise declined due to a broken ankle followed by severe shin splints.) The dancing I enjoyed participating in about 3 times a week slipped to once in a while.
Fortunately, one day, a friend of mine, put of flyer into my hands, called Just Right Eating. I called the owner, Stephanie and discussed her program. I found that she is a highly regarded nutritionist and her business, made and delivered meals to homes for a very reasonable price. We discussed my goals and for the present, I have two. One was to eat healthy and the other to get into the habit eating meals on a regular basis.
By the following Monday, I was having freshly made meals delivered to my home that were balanced and made to conform for my personal calorie count. This has been such a wonderful solution. I never dreamed I would receive so many meals that included lots of variety and that I would feel satisfied and lose weight.
I am into my 3rd week. The people at work check out what I bring for breakfast that I eat at break time. I still eat with my friends but I bring my own food. My son was home for a few days and ate two meals that were left over. (I was supposed to eat them but we were out and about and the day wasn’t long enough to get them in.) He also enjoyed them.
It is wonderful to not be going to the grocery store very often. When I do,I usually pick up cat food, dry goods and flowers.
I look forward to coming home and having meals readily available; breakfast and a snack included. This is helping me. If you are interested in learning more you may contact Just Right Eating athttp://www.stephaniejohnsoninc.com or call Stephanie at 217-827-2669.