Monday, June 18, 2012

I Am From the Land of Lincoln

"I am from the Land of Lincoln," is what I tell my friends from around the world. Thanks to Face Book, this is the reference point of my location on the  world map. Almost every U.S. State has a city of Springfield, but the notation of President Lincoln, links me to a specific place, as much as a famous shrine links my friend to a place in Thailand. (We don't need to go into all of the other many links that distinguishes Springfield, Il from all of the others!)

I am very fortunate to have so much information and tourist sites relating to President Lincoln available right in my home town. In the Spring, school buses line the streets of the city bringing students to historical sites. 

During summer, as I drive, I enjoy seeing the families with cameras in tow taking pictures of the Lincoln museum, visiting his tomb, and rubbing the nose on the famous statue of Abraham Lincoln for good luck.

Scholars come from everywhere to do research, but my favorite source of information comes from my friend, and historical author, Tara McClellan McAndrew, who has written books and plays about President Lincoln and Springfrield. In fact, if you are in the neighborhood, a play called the Lighter Side of Springfield, a comedy about people and events from the years 1818 to 1860 will be performed at the Hoogland Center for the arts July 20-21, 27-28, at 8:00 and July 22 and 29 at 2:00.

I am ordering my reserved ticket tomorrow. Hope to see many friends and tourist there.

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