Monday, December 17, 2012

12-16-12 Hunderds of Orbs Narrated on video during Happiness

I have been continuing to narrate videos of orb activity in my room. I have begun to notice not only the effect of words on the activity, but also how the activity relates to my mood.

This video that I share now was recorded when I was happy and had a very high vibration.
I have started a dictionary of words that seem to have an energetic charge. There are many but the word anticipation had several. There may be a lull but it picks up toward the end. 

All of my videos are available on YouTube under the name Jean Ferratier. There are a variety of narrated videos taken under different circumstances. Some are almost like training videos. If you are learning something new or enjoy the videos please, press like on YouTube. That will help bring up the topic more easily for others to find.

I hope you enjoy seeing these videos as well. There is much we do not understand and I appreciate your walking along this journey with me. I realize that this topic may be very new to you and to learn more about orbs I suggest you go to for a brief written and audio discussion. 

Other information is included in the chapter about orbs in my Amazon Book called Reading Symbolic Signs: How to Connect the Dots of Your Spiritual Life.

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