Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is It Dust or Is It an Orb?

When discussing orbs, I often hear comments from skeptics such as, “There is dust on the camera,” or “that is a reflection.”
The other morning I was in an area that I often take orb pictures. I usually take pictures before I go to work and it is usually dark. On this particular day, I was not working and the sun was streaming through the window.
I was shaking a piece of clothing before placing it on a hangar. I saw dust floating in the sunlight. I decided it was a perfect time to experiment. I wanted to take a picture of what I knew was definitely dust.
The above picture shows a combination of dust and orbs. The little scattered white spots are dust. On the right is a beautiful colorful orb. The orb is distinctive by the basic orb properties. It is round with a defined rim. Orbs come in many colors and shapes. A classic orb is white or filled with color and has a pattern within. There is also another small orb to the left that is deeper blue.
People around the world are photographing and sharing orb pictures. It is a fascinating subject of inquiry. I leave the interpretation of orbs to the individual. I am always curious to learn more about orbs and this is one of my most recent experiments to differentiate whether the spot on my picture is dust or an orb.


  1. I thoroughly enjoy your information about orbs. I have always been curious about them. As in many subjects, some people will love your observations while others may be resistant, but that is okay. What is important is that you 'get it' and willingly share with others. Thank you for raising an awareness of orbs! "v"

    1. Thank you for your response. I am so intrigued about orbs and feel blessed to have them appear. I love sharing what I have observed and learned from my own interpretations along the way.