Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a Typical Orb Looks Like and What and Orb Means to Me

I am intrigued by orbs. I can’t help it. My camera goes everywhere I go.  Orbs are spheres of light ranging from dense to translucent, mostly white, but occasionally colored that appear on digital flash photography. A typical orb is round with a defined nucleus. It has an outer edge and the middle usually has a marking such as concentric circles or a pattern. Every individual has their own interpretation or belief of what an orb is. To me, I view orbs as Angels and Spirit Guides that are evidence of guidance and support from the universal Divine.  When I see orbs in my photographs I feel like I am given the blessings of a tangible sign that there are miracles all around me. I am filled with awe every time orbs appear. I am a bit of a visionary and a life long learner. I look forward to sharing more about orbs in occasional posts. If you are on Face Book you may see many more orb pictures by going to Orbs Everywhere

I noticed another synchronous event. This was posted at 11:11 which is a significant number that many people have been paying attention to in terms of symbolic signs.

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