Saturday, December 24, 2011

Successful Hints for Orb photography during the holidays

Picture taken in front of the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield

Orbs, (Spirit guides and Angels) love to celebrate holidays with you. 
If you would like to hear a 2-3 minute talk about how to successfully take orb pictures during this special time, go to Click on audio clips and scroll down to find Holiday Hints for Orb Photography.
 In this audio, I give you some hints about how you might add to your holiday memories this season. There is in an introduction on the first page and then you can go right into the recording. I hope you have a very happy and healthy holiday season. 
*The most important suggestion is keep your camera close by for plenty of candid pictures. Also try taking pictures of anything and everything. Have fun and experiment.

Jean Rubnitz Ferratier

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