Friday, September 28, 2012

Yawning Can Wake You Up

Did you know that yawning 10 times; even fake yawning, cools down the frontal lobe and wakes you up. That was just one of the many interesting things that I learned from the Mark Waldman Workshop. He gave a fantastic interview on Healing with the Masters during science and spiritual week.

Mark Waldman is an Author, Neuroscientist, Therapist, and World's Leading Expert on Spirituality and the Brain. Waldman is Adjunct Faculty at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and an Associate Fellow at the Center for Spirituality and the Mind, at the University of Pennsylvania. 

I highly recommend listening to this broadcast at I took 6 pages of notes of practical, do-it-now practices, and explanations. I especially liked learning why we only remember a fraction of what someone may say to us. Boy, is that a relief  to my peace of mind about memory. (If the link does not take you directly to the page, on your key board hit Ctrl and click enter) If you need a password type in healing.

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