Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eating "Just Right"

Posted by PicasaFor days, months, and years, I have struggled with the question, “What should I eat?”
There is such a big difference between “What I should,” versus, “What I want.” Does that happen to you?
This question was a bit easier when I was cooking for a family. Unless someone suggested a meal idea, I pretty much made what I felt like making and eating. Variety played a part in the decision and I did try to have different colored foods on the plate. That was back in the day that I served protein (meat), carbs, (potatoes, noodles, etc), and a vegetable.
Well, the family dynamic has greatly changed. Single now and having grown kids have totally altered my food habits. Now, this is not recent. I am talking about a time period of several years.
There were several years that I found it easiest to eat out. That was certainly preferable to popcorn for dinner. I decided that I should either buy groceries or eat out, but not do both.
I love eating out with friends and that is, or was, a big part of my social life. Many times I ate alone. At first, eating by myself was uncomfortable but I got over that when I discovered that reading a book was a good dinner companion.
Then awareness about food started gradually changing. I had health difficulties so I was informed of some guidelines to follow. For a while I did really well on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. That was until the day I rebelled and decided I would eat what I darn well pleased. It took a long time-like a few years to stop hurting myself in that way. Really, frosting on cake is not a food group.
About 2 years ago I became very close to a group of people who are vegetarian and vegan. Now that experience was really enlightening. It seemed like information started appearing at every turn and angle. For example, there was the health issue of meat and dairy on one side and animal rights and cruelty on the other. Once this reached a deep connection within me, the struggles became much harder of figuring out what to eat.
I am a person who does not like to cook. I used to say I did once upon a time, because I thought that was part of the job of being a good wife and mother. Well, let’s just say, “I don’t look in the cookbooks very much.”
I was beginning to ease into vegetarian foods because fortunately all I mostly had to do was make a salad and someone else made most of the dinners. That worked well until that person moved away.
I fully realize that I am accountable for what I put in mouth. The problem is that I became very lost and confused. I don’t like to cook and coming up with meals at home and restaurants became a problem. I struggled with my conscious over meat. I also found I would wait too long to eat and then, even if I did have something to prepare, I didn’t want to; I was too hungry so popcorn or ice cream became a staple.
About a month ago, I realized I was completely out of control. I had no idea of where to start anymore about eating. I was skipping meals, eating too much, or too little.
A little voice inside me whispered that I couldn’t go on like this. Then the voice got bigger and started yelling at me that I had to do something before I caused myself to encounter major health issues. (I had put on a few pounds; maybe more than a few and my exercise declined due to a broken ankle followed by severe shin splints.) The dancing I enjoyed participating in about 3 times a week slipped to once in a while.
Fortunately, one day, a friend of mine, put of flyer into my hands, called Just Right Eating. I called the owner, Stephanie and discussed her program. I found that she is a highly regarded nutritionist and her business, made and delivered meals to homes for a very reasonable price. We discussed my goals and for the present, I have two. One was to eat healthy and the other to get into the habit eating meals on a regular basis.
By the following Monday, I was having freshly made meals delivered to my home that were balanced and made to conform for my personal calorie count. This has been such a wonderful solution. I never dreamed I would receive so many meals that included lots of variety and that I would feel satisfied and lose weight.
I am into my 3rd week. The people at work check out what I bring for breakfast that I eat at break time. I still eat with my friends but I bring my own food. My son was home for a few days and ate two meals that were left over. (I was supposed to eat them but we were out and about and the day wasn’t long enough to get them in.) He also enjoyed them.
It is wonderful to not be going to the grocery store very often. When I do,I usually pick up cat food, dry goods and flowers.
I look forward to coming home and having meals readily available; breakfast and a snack included. This is helping me. If you are interested in learning more you may contact Just Right Eating athttp://www.stephaniejohnsoninc.com or call Stephanie at 217-827-2669.

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